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Innovating the concept of recycle and embrace the philosophy of Circular Economy

The ecoplastfriends community is made up of both manufacturers, the Ambassadors and consumers, the Friends of products in EcoAllene by Ecoplasteam. The community is also open to associations, institutions and any reality that cares about sustainability and an ethically relevant mission. Thanks to a dedicated portal, the community aims to introduce to the market objects and products used in the daily activity of small, medium and large enterprises ad available ad as popular as possible.

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The project aims to have a concrete impact on the used beverage cartons circular economy, giving a second life to composite materials as everyday products, thus implying a reduced damage to the environment.

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A cohesive community committed to reduce our impact on the environment: by acting together, we can save tons of new plastic and recycle tons of polluting waste.

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There are multiple benefits linked to this project: (I) social responsibility for companies is partially covered ; (II) guaranteed access to an eco-friendly network ; (III) more exposure for the company’s eco-friendly agenda

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The project offers visibility to the products and their end-uses, as well as to the companies manufacturing (Ambassadors) and those adopting (Friends) these products made in EcoAllene by Ecoplasteam.

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Ecoplastfriends - together for earth, a project that looks to the future

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The ecoplastfriends portal can be defined as an operational project aimed at promoting existing products, designing and sharing new products, organizing events and generating awareness. It has the specific goal of giving companies the opportunity to exercise social responsibility and focus on the environment.

Ecoplastfriends means participating in a new concept of a circular economy, in which every single actor - Friend or Ambassador - feels responsibly active and connected with others for the well-being of humanity and our planet.

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The ecoplastfriends portal aims to introduce the community and the value proposition of the project itself

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EcoAllene by Ecoplasteam is a new and innovative material made from recycled polylaminate. It is ecological, with a wide variety of uses, and it is obtained by recycling objects otherwise intended for incinerators or landfills: beverage cartons, packaging of oily products, confectionery wrappers, capsules for hot drinks, etc.

The EcoAllene by Ecoplasteam is made through a patented manufacturing process.

EcoAllene by Ecoplasteam, a 100% post-consumption recycled product

EcoAllene by Ecoplasteam meets the requirements of UNI UNIPLAST 10667 for raw materials-secondary plastics. In addition, all criteria contained in the Circular on the 4th of August 2004 in implementation of DM 203/2003 are met. In fact, in the production of the artefacts, there are limits imposed by the technology used.

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A new product, the end of a waste

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