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Joining Ecoplastfriends

In Conad there is only one way of doing business that is doing it in a sustainable way, with concrete actions based on participation and inclusiveness.

From shop owners to customers, producers, employees, consortia, collaborators, cooperatives, everyone plays a role thanks to the guidance of Italy’s largest retailer and its ability to bring together the commitment of the great chain of relationships by educating people, by helping them making sustainable purchasing choices and by simplifying every complexity.

We are “people beyond things” and we are well aware that without knowledge and respect for the people who are part of the relationship chain, no goal can ever be achieved, neither inside nor outside our shops.

Conad is committed to enhancing its central role thus becoming even more a relational platform that has its pivot in the shop, where people will be guided in their understanding of what is sustainable and learn to be part of the change beyond the shopping and beyond the shop.