The users of items made of Ecoallene by Ecoplasteam: small or large companies, but also organizations, associations and institutions who care about the topic of environmental sustainability and support the diffusion of items made of Ecoallene by Ecoplasteam, useful both in our daily and corporate life.


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At Apogee, we create value making good companies great. A great company is not only a company that bring values to its stakeholders, but it also embraces the sustainability of the surrounding environment.
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Banca di Asti
Strategic choices, even for a bank, have consequences on an environmental and not just economic level. This is why we prefer to "network" with those who, like us, share our same sense of responsibility and commitment and consider the issue of sustainability as an ethically relevant mission.
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Banca Profilo
Banca Profilo is an independent institution focused on Private & Investment Banking services for the management of the overall assets of private and institutional clients. Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 1999, Banca Profilo is characterized by a deep-rooted culture of service, specialized skills and financial solidity.
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CAF joins Ecoplastfriends, as it fully embraces the ideals of sustainability and attention to the environment proposed by the project.
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Conad is committed to enhancing its central role thus becoming even more a relational platform that has its pivot in the shop, where people will be guided in their understanding of what is sustainable and learn to be part of the change beyond the shopping and beyond the shop.
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Connexion Cannes
Connexion Cannes has chosen to join the Ecoplastfriends community as we believe in the value of small actions: the sum of our daily choices leads to great changes. Our company wants to contribute to this innovative idea with great environmental impact.
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Health, our well-being and that of our planet are always at the centre of our attention.
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Global Business Solution
Global Business Solution of Turin has chosen to promote and adopt eco-friendly practices necessary to make your workplace as eco-sustainable as possible. Along the path of raising awareness of the environment both inside and outside the company, GBS immediately found itself in tune with the vision and mission of Ecoplastfriends.
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Gum Consulting
Gum Consulting SpA believes in sustainable development that should take place without damaging the future of human beings and our planet. For these reasons, GUM Consulting SpA has decided to support initiatives for environmental protection, in line with the objectives of Agenda 2030.
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Maider NCG
Maider NCG joins the Ecoplastfriends community. It is the story of tradition, technological evolution and constant attention to sustainability issues.
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MeC S.r.l.
MeC is a consulting company specialized in Cost Engineering. Since 2006 in support of Companies for the optimization of industrial processes and the reduction of product costs through the research of new solutions.
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Suits NPL
We are in the finance business since years. Joining this environmental and eco-friendly project helps us remember that finance can and should operate with an ethical footprint, too.
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Swiss Merchant Corporation
Being very sensitive to the topic of eco-sustainability, Swiss Merchant Corporation promotes an ethical and social behavior among its colleagues, the controlled and subsidiaries companies, as well as the customers with whom the company claims a long-term partnership. Swiss Merchant Corporation sees in EcoplastFriends an innovative and concrete project, that brings tangible results to its community, easy to convey to its stakeholders.
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TAS Group
TAS Group believes in initiatives that put technological development at the service of the population and the environment, because the creation of an effective circular economy depends on the contribution of each of us.
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Torino Magazine
A periodicity - 5 issues a year, four seasons plus a special one - punctuated to offer an editorial product that is testimonial of the territory through places, characters and events, with an attention always focused on contemporary issues such as sustainable development.
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Training 4 U
Training 4U is a company that, in the Information Technology landscape, offers IT consulting services in time consuming and development of "turnkey" application and infrastructure solutions. Always sensitive to respect the environment, we have undermined the old logic of business interaction thanks to the inclusion, in work contexts, of habits devoted to document dematerialization and the use of new, more efficient and faster "clean" communication systems involving in this process all the stakeholders, customers, employees, external consultants, suppliers etc.
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Visio Energy Services
Together for a sustainable life.

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